Airfield Construction Projects

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Terminal Apron Underdrain and Pavement Repairs

Location: Columbus Regional Airport Authority
Client: Port Columbus International Airport, Columbus, Ohio

Project Description

  • Project involved complex multiple-phased construction in a very secure high- traffic area at Port Columbus International Airport.
  • The project involved extensive concrete and asphalt pavement repairs in the loading areas of commercial passenger aircraft in accordance with FAA and local requirements.
  • The work consisted of pavement demolition, trucking, installation of underdrains, asphalt milling, base course, full depth and partial depth Portland cement concrete repairs, joint sealants, elastomeric concrete patching and asphalt repairs.
  • Kwest worked closely with the clients while maintaining flexibility for the airlines and their ground crews.
  • At some locations, ground boarding and luggage handling was occurring within several feet of our work areas.
  • Kwest maintained barricades and passenger walkways to ensure worker and airline safe. Continuous cleanup was required to control FOD.

McGuire Runway 6/24 Repairs

Location: McGuire AFB, Wrightstown, NJ
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest Group worked as subcontract to Hypower, Inc)

Project Description

  • Excavation, installation and backfill of approximately 27,000 lf of electrical and communications ductbank adjacent to runway.
  • The ductbank configurations on the project were: 3w2, 4w2, 6w2, 10w2, 12w2, 16w2, 12w2&2w4, 12w2 & 16w2 & 2w4, 6w2 & 2w4, 2w4 and 4w4
  • Installation of approximately 2500 cubic yards of concrete encasement.
  • Over 240,000′ of pull-string blown thru the electrical conduits.
  • Installation of (35) 5 x 5 electrical manholes and (45) 3 x 3 electrical manholes to include grounding.
  • Project involved installing all underground ductbank and appurtenances in very poor soil conditions requiring the constant control of ground water infiltration.

Holloman AFB Taxiway F and North Ramp Replacement

Location: Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest Group performed civil work under subcontract)

Project Description

  • Kwest Group performed full-depth removal of over 75,000 square yards of asphalt and concrete pavements. Pavement sections ranged from 6″ to 16″.
  • Concrete pavements were removed by in-place pulverization and excavation, asphalt pavements were removed by cold-milling method.
  • Demolished concrete and asphalt was crushed on-site by Kwest Group for beneficial reuse.
  • Excavation to subgrade elevations and placement of nearly 30,000 tons of aggregate subbase material.
  • Work required close-coordination with Airfield Operations Personnel as project required crossing and work adjacent to active runways/taxiways.
  • Project was completed on-time and within budget.

Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport Expansion and Improvements

Location: Port Clinton, OH
Client: Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport Authority

Project Description

  • Kwest Group has performed a wide range of services at the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport under several separate contracts from 2000 – 2008.
  • Performed excavation/embankment for runway/taxiway expansion and safety area.
  • Excavation / embankment in excess of 35,000 cubic yards of on-site soil.
  • Import of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of soil material.
  • Installation of drainage systems totaling 13,000 linear feet of storm conduit.
  • Widening of existing 4,500-ft. runway (15′ additional asphalt shoulder added to each side).
  • Installation of runway lighting improvements.
  • Pavement overlay of 5,000 linear feet of main runway.
  • Construction of concrete apron area consisting of 11-in. concrete pavement with embedded aircraft tie-down anchors.
  • Grooving of runway pavements.
  • Temporary and permanent pavement markings.
  • Installation/establishment of relocated threshold for each project.
  • Project completed under strict security and operational constraints.

Sandusky County Regional Airport Concrete Apron Expansio

Location: Sandusky, OH
Client: Sandusky County Regional Airport Authority

Project Description

  • Expansion of concrete aircraft apron to include embedded aircraft tie-downs.
  • Establishment of proposed subgrade elevations to include import of approximately 2,000 cubic yards of imported embankment.
  • 6-in. and 9-in. concrete pavement was installed.

Lorain County Regional Airport Hangar Development West

Location: Elyria, OH
Client: Lorain County Commissioners

Project Description

  • Installation of three new taxi lanes and a parking lot adjacent to the taxi lanes. Lime stabilization of subgrade.
  • Installation of reinforced concrete storm sewer pipe, 1,875 linear feet of 8-in. water-main, and 1,100 linear feet of 8-in. sanitary sewer to support the new hangar buildings proposed for the site.
  • New drainage swales were also constructed to allow site storm water to be channeled away from the airport.

Protective Revetment Wall – 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard

Location: Swanton, OH
Client: OANG, 180th Fighter Wing (Kwest was subcontracted by TolTest, Inc.)

Project Description

  • Construction of sand-filled metal revetment wall measuring 550-ft. in length, 14-ft. in height and 7-ft. wide.
  • Project was completed directly adjacent to flight line requiring strict compliance with security regulations.
  • All work was completed in a manner which did not adversely impact mission of facility.