Federal Projects

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Holloman AFB Taxiway F and North Ramp Replacement

Location: Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest Group performed civil work under subcontract)

Project Description

  • Kwest Group performed full-depth removal of over 75,000 square yards of asphalt and concrete pavements. Pavement sections ranged from 6″ to 16″.
  • Concrete pavements were removed by in-place pulverization and excavation, asphalt pavements were removed by cold-milling method.
  • Demolished concrete and asphalt was crushed on-site by Kwest Group for beneficial reuse.
  • Excavation to subgrade elevations and placement of nearly 30,000 tons of aggregate subbase material.
  • Work required close-coordination with Airfield Operations Personnel as project required crossing and work adjacent to active runways/taxiways.
  • Project was completed on-time and within budget.

Luke AFB Final Denial Barrier Project

Location: Luke AFB, Glendale, AZ
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest Group performed civil package under subcontract)

Project Description

  • Selective demolition and placement of passive barrier systems at four base entry gates.
  • Installation of over 7,400 linear feet of cast-in-place concrete barrier wall and barrier curb for force-security purposes.
  • Restoration of site to include concrete and asphalt pavements, striping and placement of landscaping appurtenances.
  • Project was completed in a manner which did not disturb daily operations of high-traffic facility.

Concrete and Civil Package for Fuel Storage Tank

Location: Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Client: NAVFAC Southeast (Kwest performed work as Subcontractor)

Project Description

  • Kwest group is self-performed all site civil and structural concrete work at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in a secured area for a new fuel storage tank.
  • The geographic location and associated logistical challenges added a new and positive challenge to our first International construction project. Kwest employees on the island have integrated their crews with the local workforce. Despite language barriers and various levels of experience we have managed to train and build a great amount of autonomy with the workforce.
  • Placement of over 1,700 CY of concrete for footings, containment walls, access roads, foundation walls, and aprons.
  • The concrete work involved placing and tying over 100 tons of reinforcing steel.
  • Site work consisted of excavations, specialized erosion controls, seeding, aggregate base, ductile iron pipe (DIP) storm drainage and DIP water line installation.
  • The project involved moving 65,000 CY of soil to an offsite location with limited trucking capacity on the island.

C-5/C-17 Cargo Aircraft Maintenance Training Facility

Location: Dover Air Force Base, Delaware
Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Philadelphia District (Kwest Group performed work as a subcontractor)

Project Description

  • Selective demolition of existing site and appurtenances
  • Installation of reinforced concrete pipe storm drainage and construction of storm detention pond
  • Installation of new waterline and fire main, and 2″ service line to include pressure testing and chlorination
  • Encasement of active sanitary sewer line and extension of gravity sewer lines
  • Construction of building pad
  • Navigation through enormous amount of unknown underground utilities without damage or interruption to the mission
  • This project was LEED Silver Rating – Kwest was involved with the LEED required submittals and project documentation

Historical Renovation of Building 31

Location: F.E. Warren Air Force Base – Cheyenne, Wyoming
Client: Air Force Center of the Environment and Engineering (AFCEE) via TolTest, Inc.

Project Description

  • This project involved the installation of new utility services to a historical building (circa 1880’s) undergoing extensive structural renovations.
  • Kwest installed a fire line and domestic water service line to the building by making a tap into the existing service.
  • A sanitary sewer line was installed into a brick manhole. The work involved a coordinated road shut-down and pavement restoration.
  • Special care was needed excavating the utilities close to the crumbling stone foundations.
  • Kwest also performed site grading and a tie in to an existing reinforced concrete pipe storm drain system.

Sandusky Bay Border Patrol Station Site Construction

Location: Port Clinton, OH
Client: U.S. Army Corps Engineers (Kwest Group performed work under subcontract with J&J Contractors)

Project Description

  • Project included complete sitework package for new Border Patrol Station including imported site fill, utilities and concrete curbs and pavement installation.
  • Installation of approximately 2,700 liner feet of storm (6-24 inch), 1,900 liner feet of 8 and 6 inch DIP, 450 linear feet of 8 and 6″ sanitary sewer, to include horizontal bore under State Route 53.
  • Import of approximately 62,000 tons of fill was required to achieve project design grades.
  • Installation and maintenance of all erosion control devices, temporary and permanent fencing.

FE Warren Air Force Base – Gate 5 Sitework Construction

Location: F.E. Warren AFB – Cheyenne, Wyoming
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest Group was subcontracted by TolTest, Inc.)

Project Description

  • Sitework construction for a new security gate located at the F E Warren AFB.
  • This property required sensitivity to security issues on active Air Force Installation.
  • Project was constructed adjacent to existing protected wetland with no environmental degradation of the area.
  • Reclamation of an existing asphalt roadway was used for a portion of the new roadway aggregate base.
  • Sitework included new sanitary sewer system, waterline and meter vault, and storm conduit along with new detention ponds.
  • Project demanded coordination with many trades and was challenging due to extreme weather conditions.

Cable Retention Fence/Blast Deflector Installation

Location: March Air Reserve Base, Riverside, CA
Client: March Air Force Base (Kwest subcontract to TolTest)

Project Description

  • Design-build project with TolTest, Inc involving installation of 13,000 linear feet of cable-reinforced security fencing along perimeter of installation.
  • Fencing construction consisted of 1,200 3″ diameter galvanized line posts, schedule 40, 5′ long, located at 10′ on center and two rows (26,000 lf) of ¾” wire rope material.
  • Installation of 140 dead men structures consisting of 1-1/4″ galvanized threaded rods with turnbuckles embedded in 3’x3’x 2′ concrete at approximately 3′ below grade.
  • Existing blast deflectors were demolished and removed.
  • Removal and disposal of concrete and asphalt to allow for the construction of reinforced concrete foundations for the new blast deflectors
  • Installation of 4 BDI, Inc Blast Deflectors for a total length of over 760′.

Repair VOQ Parking Storm Water System

Location: Coraopolis, PA
Client: Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station (911th Airlift Wing) (Kwest subcontract to TolTest)

Project Description

  • Design-build project with TolTest, Inc. located in Maumee, OH involving storm water system reconstruction on Air Reserve Station.
  • Installation of a HS60 Vorsentry hydrodynamic separator supplied by Contech
  • Installation of below-grade corrugated metal pipe detention system
  • Project was completed to adjacent protected stream. Installation of erosion control devices and subsequent site restoration activities were performed by Kwest Group Crews.

Grand Forks AFB Military Family Housing Demolition Project – Utility Upgrades

Location: Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks, ND
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest Group performed utility package under subcontract)

Project Description

  • Replacement of over 20,000 linear feet of 8″ and 10″ water main throughout Grand Forks AFB.
  • Installation was performed in a manner that maintained service to all users during project.
  • Demolition and replacement of existing storm system to include installation of conduits ranging from 12″ – 36″ as well as precast manhole and catch basin installation.
  • In-place lining of nearly 9,000 linear feet of 8″ and 12″ sanitary sewer at depths of up to 30′.
  • Project completed on-time and in a manner which did not disrupt base operations.

Electrical Distribution Upgrades

Location: Camp Perry Joint Training Center; Port Clinton, Ohio
Client: State of Ohio Adjutant General’s Office

Project Description

  • Kwest Group partnered with a local electrical contractor to perform this high profile project at Camp Perry Training Site.
  • The design-build project delivery has been used for this complex project which involves replacement of the majority of primary electrical distribution system on the post while maintaining services to building allowing the mission to continue.
  • Kwest personnel worked closely with the client to determine the best suited materials and equipment for the project, keeping life-cycle costs, efficiency, and maintenance at the fore front.
  • The electrical work involves the construction of a new sub-station, underground primary and secondary power, overhead distribution, advanced metering systems, coordination with the local utility companies and lighting.
  • Kwest will also be involved with the historical replication of pedestal-style masonry lighting fixtures at the entrance to the facility.

Reconstruct Rodriguez Target Berm

Location: Camp Perry Joint Training Center; Port Clinton, OH
Client: State of Ohio Adjutant General’s Office via TolTest, Inc.
Project Completion: Scheduled Spring 2012

Project Description

  • This project was a fast-tracked design-build project involving the removal and replacement of an existing target berm that has been in continuous service by the Department of Defense and the National Rifle Association since the early 1900s.
  • The design-build approach included pre-casting wall panels and catwalks to allow for construction over the brutal winter months on the shores of Lake Erie.
  • Kwest installed 65 H-Pile sections surrounded by a reinforced concrete foundation.
  • Mass grading and storm drainage improvements were required to drain this area that was previously swamp lands.
  • This schedule critical project was completed ahead of schedule t in order for the National Rifle Assocaition, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and Camp Perry to prepare for the National Rifle and Pistol Matches hosted at this facility.

Paving Renovations-Trippe Road and Lot #1

Location: Camp Perry Joint Training Center; Port Clinton, Ohio
Client: State of Ohio Adjutant General’s Office
Project Completion: Scheduled Spring 2012

Project Description

  • This project involved the removal of existing pavements (concrete and asphalt), grading and reconstruction of existing roads and parking lots with both Portland cement concrete pavements and hot-mix asphalt pavements.
  • Kwest installed a new storm drainage system throughout the reconstructed areas consisting of pipe varying in size from 4″ PVC to 18″ RCP.
  • Over 25 manholes and catch basins were installed.
  • Kwest worked around numerous unknown and unmarked underground utilities in addition to coordinating work with Department of Defense training and operation schedules.
  • High strength geo-textile materials and aggregate materials were utilized to overcome poor soil conditions on-site.