Public Infrastructure Projects

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Grand Forks AFB Military Family Housing Demolition Project – Utility Upgrades

Location: Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks, ND
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest Group performed utility package under subcontract)

Project Description

  • Replacement of over 26,000 linear feet of 8″ and 10″ water main throughout Grand Forks AFB.
  • Installation was performed in a manner that maintained service to all users during project.
  • Demolition and replacement of existing storm system to include installation of conduits ranging from 12″ – 36″ as well as precast manhole and catch basin installation.
  • In-place lining of nearly 9,000 linear feet of 8″ and 12″ sanitary sewer at depths of up to 30′.
  • Project completed on-time an in a manner which did not disrupt base operations.

Third Street Area Sewer Separation, Sewer & Manhole Rehabilitation, Storm Water Pumping Station, & Pavement Improvements

Location: Port Clinton, OH
Client: City of Port Clinton, OH

Project Description

  • The project consisted of a complex sewer separation by constructing new storm sewers, pump station and a storm sewer force main including approximately 8,500 linear feet of pipe ranging from 6 to 42 inches.
  • Rehabilitated and lined existing sanitary manholes.
  • The project originally including lining of existing sanitary sewers but replacement was needed due to the poor condition of existing clay pipe. Kwest assisted the city in exploration and value engineering lower cost replacement options for the sanitary sewer.
  • Complete curb and street removal and replacement of portions of Washington Street, Second Street, Adams Street and Third Street.
  • Due to the age of the infrastructure many unforeseen issues arose during the project and Kwest worked closely with ARCADIS and the City of Port Clinton to resolve problems in the most cost and timely efficient manner.
  • Coordination was essential due to a waterline and gas main replacement project in the same location as the sewer separation project.
  • Project was completed within schedule and in a manner to allow local businesses and residents access at all times.

Regional Water Control Valve Installation

Location: Port Clinton, OH
Client: Ottawa County Board of Commissioners

Project Description

  • Installation of large precast concrete control valve structure with a 16 inch and 8 inch control valve and associated appurtenances and fittings within the structure.
  • Two 16 inch ductile iron water mains were installed from an existing 24 inch main to the new control valve structure.
  • Kwest coordinated power to the site and worked around high pressure transmission gas lines to complete the project.

Forest Hill Drive Infrastructure Improvements

Location: Amherst, OH
Client: City of Amherst, OH

Project Description

  • Project involved the upgrade/replacement of underground utilities and resurfacing of the majority of Forest Hill Drive in Amherst, Ohio
  • Installation of 6-15 inch sanitary sewer mains and laterals, 8″ water main and all storm sewers reaching depths up to 18 feet and in one location working under an existing stream.
  • Kwest Crews performed work in stream area in a manner which provided protection to the sensitive ecological area.
  • Project was completed in a manner to allow residential access at all times.

State Route 163 Waterline Replacement – Phase

Location: Marblehead, OH
Client: Village of Marblehead

Project Description

  • Project involved complete removal and replacement of 2,880 linear feet of active 8″ ductile iron pipe water main.
  • Work was completed within easement crossing residential properties within the same trench due to solid rock subsurface conditions.
  • An 8″ HDPE above ground bypass pipe and temporary services were temporarily installed for the project to allow service to all residents during the project execution
  • Project was completed within budget and in a manner to allow local businesses access at all times.

Township Road 154 Improvements/Reconstruction

Location: Upper Sandusky, OH
Client: City of Upper Sandusky, OH

Project Description

  • Complete removal and replacement of Twp Rd 154 to include installation of new storm drainage system.
  • Installation of 8-15 inch storm conduit and precast structures to improve drainage within and outside roadway easement.
  • Total removal and replacement of roadway aggregate base, established positive drainage and installation of new asphalt pavement.
  • Project was completed within budget, schedule and in a manner to allow local businesses access at all times.

White Road Reconstruction

Location: Jackson Township/Grove City, OH
Client: Jackson Township (Franklin County)/Grove City, Ohio

Project Description

  • Project involved complete removal and reconstruction of approximately 4,000 linear feet (0.75 miles) White Road between McDowell Road & Buckeye Parkway, spanning Jackson Township and Grove City, Ohio.
  • Project included 14,000 cubic yards of excavation and embakment, 5,500 LF of concrete curb and 2,750 cubic yards of asphalt concrete pavement.
  • Kwest Group Crews also installed 2,200 linear feet of new storm sewer in diameters up to 54″ and 1,900 linear feet new waterline.
  • Two Conspan bridge structures were installed by Kwest Group Personnel.
  • Project required close coordination with county, city and township officials and was completed in a manner which reduced impact on residents of the area.

Liberty Avenue Water Main Extension & Connection to the City of Lorain

Location: Vermillion, OH
Client: City of Vermillion & County of Lorain

Project Description

  • Installation of large precast concrete vault 21′ long and 10′ deep in excess of 40,000 lbs which required two cranes working near overhead electrical lines to set the structure in a safe manner.
  • Installation of 8″ & 10″ valves, meters and associated appurtenances within the vault as well as connection to existing 12″ water main.
  • Electrical 120/240 volt was connected/installed inside new vault.

San Andres Waterline Replacement, Holloman Air Force Base

Location: Alamogordo, NM
Client: U. S. Air Force (Kwest Group was subcontracted by TolTest, Inc.)

Project Description

  • Installation of 12,400 linear feet of 18-in. waterline connecting multiple well field pumping stations servicing Holloman Air Force Base.
  • Project included excavation and installation of waterline through sensitive desert ecosystem as well as adjacent to existing public roadway.
  • All restoration was completed to the satisfaction of both U.S.A.F and local residents/property owners.

Emergency Repairs to SAC Boulevard, Offutt Air Force Base

Location: Omaha, NE
Client: U.S. Air Force (Kwest was subcontracted by TolTest, Inc.)

Project Description

  • Emergency repairs to badly-deteriorated storm sewer system at Offutt Air Force Base.
  • Deteriorated storm sewer had resulted in massive soil evacuation causing collapse of main base thoroughfare.
  • Project required removal and replacement of over 2,200 linear feet of 12 to 30-in. storm sewer conduit at depths of up to 24-ft.
  • Structural embankment was placed and compacted to reconstruct roadway to subgrade elevations. 8-in. concrete pavement with integral curb was installed to replace damaged roadway.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center Sitework

Location: Oak Harbor, OH
Client: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Project Description

  • Sitework package for visitor center located at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Ottawa County, Ohio
  • Project included excavation, grading and aggregate placement for entry road and multiple parking areas.
  • Complete storm system for parking areas and roadway were included in project scope.
  • Masonry seating wall and benches were also performed.
  • Post and beam guardrail system was installed at entrance of facility.

Ottawa County Watermain Corrosion Mitigation Projects

Location: Port Clinton, OH
Client: Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer’s Office.

Project Description

  • The combined waterline corrosion mitigation projects consist of joint excavation of over 34 miles of existing watermain. The three project phases required 10,661 60# magnesium sacrificial anode bags (one at each joint and fitting) to be installed on 16-in., 20-in. and 24-in. ductile iron water-main pipe and fittings under three contracts totaling over $4.6 million.
  • Work conducted in high-traffic areas frequented by tourists during spring, summer and fall months.
  • Fast-moving project required close coordination with county and local officials, public utility departments and private utilities to ensure adequate marking of existing utilities was performed.
  • Restoration of both Ohio Department of Transportation Highways and county and local roadways was required in addition to a wide range of landscaped areas.
  • All projects have been completed within scheduling and budgetary constraints.

Grafton Correctional Institution Sanitary and Water System Improvements

Location: Grafton, OH
Client: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Project Description

  • Complete replacement of water and sanitary system at Ohio Department of Corrections Facility.
  • Installation of over 3,200 linear feet of sanitary sewer to include jack and bore under Ohio State Route 83.
  • Installation of sanitary drying bed system for animal waste.
  • Installation of over 7,600 linear feet of water main to service facility.
  • Close coordination with local water authority was required for project.
  • Project was completed on-time and was performed under strict security guidelines.

Camp Perry Roadway Reconstruction

Location: Port Clinton, OH
Client: Ohio Adjutant General Department

Project Description

  • Full-depth removal of asphalt pavement and aggregate subbase material on 2.8 miles of roadway at Ohio National Guard Training Site located outside of Port Clinton, Ohio under two separate contracts.
  • Milled asphalt was salvaged and utilized for aggregate base in new pavement section as a cost-reducing option presented to owner by Kwest Group.
  • A geogrid stabilization material was utilized between the highly-expansive clay subsoils and the new pavement section.
  • Complete redesign and installation of storm drainage system consisting of curb inlets and 2,600 linear feet of storm sewer.
  • Project performed under strict security guidelines.
  • Projects completed in accordance with aggressive schedules due to both operational demands of the facility as well as the National Shooting Matches held at the site each July.

Pavement Reconstruction – Defense Distribution Depot

Location: Texarkana, TX
Client: Defense Logistics Agency (Kwest was subcontracted by TolTest, Inc.)

Project Description

  • Full-depth removal and replacement of both asphalt and concrete pavement areas at seven separate locations within Defense Distribution Depot Red River, Texas
  • Project included milling of existing asphalt pavements and excavation of soils to proposed subgrade elevations. Mechanical stabilization of highly-expansive clay soils was performed prior to placement of pavement of subbase aggregate.
  • Pavement section consisted of areas of asphalt and reinforced concrete with both recycled asphalt pavement and limestone aggregate subbase. Perforated underdrains were installed to channel water from subbase material into catch basins to minimize subgrade damage as the project was completed in the seasonably wet winter and spring months. The pavement section was provided to owner as a cost-saving alternate by Kwest Group.
  • Installation storm water collection system was also completed.
  • Project was completed within strict security constraints.
  • All work was completed on-time and within budget.

Installation of Lead Sheath Cable – U. S. Air Force Academy

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Client: U.S. Air Force Academy (Kwest was subcontracted by TolTest, Inc.)

Project Description

  • Excavation for the installation of new electrical cables and appurtenances at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Kwest is a subcontractor to TolTest, Inc. performing the excavation and precast structure placement for the project.
  • Project completed within area of sports facility requiring excavating around multiple subsurface obstructions and existing utilities.

2008 Waterline Corrosion Protection Project No. 357811

Location: Findlay, OH
Client: City of Findlay

Project Description

  • Installation of 465 48# and 55 32# magnesium anodes in Hancock County to protect an existing 16-in. ductile iron watermain.
  • Completed replacement of hundreds of deteriorated bolts on valves and fittings.