Residential Site Development Projects

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Waterside Monclova Development

Location: Maumee, OH
Client: Waterside Development

Project Description

  • Complete plat construction for 49 lot residential subdivision expansion to include excavation for lake expansion.
  • Installation of 2,500 linear feet of water distribution conduit.
  • Installation of 3,600 linear feet of sanitary conduit.
  • Installation of complete storm drainage system.
  • Excavation of 170,000 cubic yards of soil to construct lake expansion.
  • Dredging of over 10,000 cubic yards of material from existing lake utilizing excavator and sectional barges.
  • All work was completed without adversely impacting large, existing upscale residential development.

Red Mill Pond Residential Development

Location: Tecumseh, Michigan
Client: Five Star Premier Properties

Project Description

  • Complete sitework package for proposed 94 lot residential / assisted living development located in Tecumseh, Michigan.
  • Clearing of 12 wooded acres.
  • Excavation / placement of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of soil.
  • Installation of 10,770 linear feet of sanitary sewer to, include sanitary pumping station, in challenging soil conditions. Constant pumping of groundwater was required.
  • Installation of 7,200 linear feet of waterline.
  • Complete storm water management system to include six detention basins and 9,500 linear feet of storm sewer.

Waterside Sylvania Development

Location: Sylvania, OH
Client: Waterside Development

Project Description

  • Lake expansion at existing residential subdivision requiring removal of 50,000 cubic yards of soil.
  • Placement of large crushed aggregate shoreline protection.
  • Project completed in a manner which did not impact existing upscale residential development.

Clearwater Preserve Site Development Package

Location: Port Clinton, OH
Client: Clearwater Preserve

Project Description

  • Ongoing development of 800 acre residential waterside development to include establishing marine access to Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie.
  • Excavation of boating channels connecting two existing quarries and Sandusky Bay. Excavated volume of material in excess of 200,000 cubic yards.
  • In-water excavation of over 20,000 cubic yards of material for two boat entrance channels, each extending 750′ out from shoreline, utilizing barge-mounted excavator. Spoils were loaded onto sectional barges and transported to shore. Material was off-loaded and utilized as embankment within development.
  • Construction of four large aggregate jetty walls, each extending 250′ from shoreline.
  • Installation of 22,000 tons of large aggregate shoreline protection along entire alignment of new boating channels.
  • Restoration/reconstruction of 54 acre wetland in conjunction with Ohio Department of Natural Resources