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Broadford – Richlands 138 kV Line Reconstruction

Location: Smyth County, VA


Project Description

  • Kwest Group performed the access road construction, erosion and sediment control and restoration for the project
  • Project was located in a very remote location, 10 miles off of paved road, requiring close coordination to allow delivery of construction equipment and materials
  • Clearing of 18 acres of heavily-wooded and steep terrain
  • Construction of 6.5 miles of access roads to include placement of over 10,000 tons of aggregate on roadway to allow access to line construction crews
  • Construction of roadway required significant movement of soils to construct level roadway across slope.
  • Removal of rock was also required in many areas
  • Access road was constructed within Clinch Mountain Wildlife Area and was subject to standards of inspection by the Virginia Department of Game and Fish Personnel
  • Complete restoration of site to include final erosion control, erosion matting, rock check dams, seeding and mulching