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Lamping Substation

Location: Graysville, OH


Project Description

  • Environmental awareness and stewardship were paramount due to the project location in the Wayne National Forest
  • Approximately 160,000 cubic yards of excavation was required to reshape the existing 20-acre hillside into a viable location capable of housing the vast amount of electric transmission equipment
  • Four block retaining walls were required to bring a large enough area to a level grade for the proposed 345-kV substation pad
  • Drainage conduit was embedded into the existing slopes during the embankment operations to drain trapped water and prevent a hillside slip that would undermine the pad and potentially cause an unplanned power outage, impacting thousands of customers
  • The county roads leading into the site were widened, resurfaced and guardrail added
  • Approximately 90% of the site that was not covered in aggregates and were on steep slopes, requiring the application of 'Turf Reinforcement Matting'. This was used to prevent excessive erosion and aid in a stable root-bed for permanent seeding