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Spy Run-Robison Park 138kV Line Rebuild

Location: Fort Wayne, IN


Project Description

  • Approximately 6 miles of new or improved access roads installed with portions left in place for permanent bike trail improvements
  • Installed precast box culvert in an existing historical canal
  • Completed sidewalk, curb and concrete approaches in multiple locations
  • Worked closely with the project team to design access that would avoid or minimize various wetlands throughout the project
  • Designed multiple elevated timber work pads and roads to bridge over fragile sanitary sewers, wetlands and floodways
  • Due to the complexity of working in downtown Fort Wayne provided various successful value engineering options to avoid sensitive areas, work with the bike trail representatives, minimize impacts to sports complexes and keep all parties safe
  • Installed, maintaining and inspected all erosion control devices
  • Completed full restoration of the project to include seeding over 20 acres and adding trees requested by the City of Ft. Wayne
  • Improved pavements, sidewalks and bike trail grading